A8 Android Tablet PC offers a built-in camera, Flash support, and the Market on a Budget

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There is a new Android-tablet PC available now, and it is making a lot of news. The APAD Eken A8 Android Tablet PC runs the latest version 2.2 of Google Android operating system. The first Android tablet with this new updated version. And the features and functions are unparalleled. While most of the Android tablets in the past have used slower processors, and showed a desire for speed of owners, the APAD actually A8 uses a newer and much faster 1GHz CPU and make the experience smooth and fast, something what you would expect from a tablet that was 3 times the price.

So how does it compare to other tablet PCs out there? Good question, and I will do my best to answer them. Have used for the last two weeks, I can honestly say it's a keeper, and one that I go back to the time - even though I have my iPad.

While everyone everything about the iPad, there's no denying that there's actually a very large user base out there and just not buy Apple products, both because they do not have a job or a job they need, or simply using of the very high price. And that's where all these Android Tablets role. They offer many of the same features offered by IPAD, but do so at a price that is less than half of the lowest entry level.

APAD the A8 is a higher purpose Android tablet without the higher price. Under $ 250.00 makes it the perfect PC for anyone not quite sure whether they want a big investment in making tablets. It's really about the same price as a netbook, which will not break the bank.

It also provides access to Android Market, which is very similar to the App Store, with the exception seems a lot more games and applications that are free, as opposed to paid. Many of the better apps iPad also released on the Android Market, so games like Angry Birds and other popular apps out there for the APAD too.

What I like so much about this tablet is that it supports Flash 10.1 and has a built-in camera and options to increase storage capacity using Micro SD TransFlash cards. With Flash support, you can really the whole Internet to video content, irrespective of the purpose of the page you visit. The built-in camera also allowed me to sit on the couch and video chat in skype with ease.

Like the iPad, but also has a G-sensor, which detects when you move the unit or nearby. The screen automatically adjust to fashion you into the wall and gaming company is as smooth as can be, because just like my iPad, I use the whole tablet as my controller left to right, up and down, etc.. .

In conclusion, for the price conscious buyer who wants the Tablet PC experience without the huge cost of spending $ 500.00 to give it go, this is a good option Android Tablet. You get all the functions and the whole tablet PC experience without the high price.

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