Amazon Kindle Fire Review - Portable Tablet PC at a Great Bargain

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As an avid reader and fan of things new, I thought I'd give the Kindle Fire a try. I mean there's has to be a reason why, the Kindle Fire is Amazon's top selling electronic device. The first thing that caught my attention was this 7 inch tablet's wide array of features packed into a small convenient package. Out of curiosity I had to find out whether or not it is really a bargain at $199.00 in comparison to other tablets.

When I started to play with it I noticed that when used as a web-browser it's cloud-accelerated server is super fast. Amazon calls this technology "Amazon Silk" it's quick and smooth because it's a split-browser, it streams the data by dividing the workload between Amazon's Web Services Cloud and the Kindle's mobile hardware. This technology also has the added benefit of providing extra battery life because the Amazon Web Services Cloud takes on large amounts of computing tasks. There is a battery life of 8 hours if you read continuously(I don't recommend that) and 7.5 hours of video playback.

Another benefit to Amazon's Silk Technology is that although the Kindle Fire itself has 8GB of storage space there is 5GB of free storage on the Cloud server. If you require more storage, you can buy 1GB of space for $1 extra per year). The memory is broken up into two parts, Internal Storage 5.37 GB for your movies, books and there's Application Storage at 1.17 GB. I like that at the top of the screen you can see how much memory is being utilized by Apps. Another thing I like is that if I'm watching a movie on the Kindle Fire I can put it down, stream it to my PC and continue where I left off.

Not only does my music sound great on the Kindle Fire but best of all MP3 space doesn't count towards the 5GB of free space on the Cloud Drive. My guess is that Amazon offers this storage space and it's reasonable price with the hope that when you but the Fire you'll also buy most of your content from them too. I have to say though that at least with the Kindle Fire the content you do buy from Amazon is copy protection free and easily played anywhere including your Apple devices.

As a bargain priced tablet I felt that the Kindle Fire did have a few shortcomings. As an E-reader it has a backlit display instead of the E-ink technology found on other Kindle's. This can tire out your eyes if you do a lot of reading but results may vary. With the Backlit Display I do feel that I get better visibility in darker areas than the E-ink so it's kind of a trade-off.

With it's smaller display 7" compared to the iPad's 9.7" the Kindle Fire comes as a lighter more convenient device, but with less viewing space. After viewing magazines on the Kindle I couldn't help but notice that getting the content to be viewable was tricky but not impossible. There are two different ways to view a magazine "Text View" which displays just the text of the article and "Page View" the magazine's original display. I think the key is to zoom when reading magazines and using the right view for that particular magazine. Magazines which have more emphasis on the article I found it easier to view on the 7" display.

It also functions as a Comic Reader, I didn't play around with this feature much but if you love comic book reading Amazon has a wide collection of DC Comics. You can download an App from Amazon called "Comics by ComiXology" through which you can buy issues and subscriptions of your favorite Comics. I would say that with the backlit display Comics really come to life on the Kindle Fire.

All things considered, the Kindle Fire is a budget friendly tablet that comes packed with features found on more expensive devices. One thing not mentioned earlier that I highly recommend is to purchase a Amazon Prime Membership($79 for the year) this gives you access to thousands of books at no additional cost and close to 13,000 popular TV shows and movies. So with it's Wi-Fi capabilities, ultra-quick browser you can play games, check email, read books, comic books and magazines in color all in an affordable package.