Analysis three advantages of Acer A100 tablet pc

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The global authority notebook computer hardware magazine "Laptop" compared several well-known Tablet PC, including HTC Flyer, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer ICONIA Tab A100 and so on. Comparison shows, ICONIA Tab A100 is the most valuable Tablet PC in the current market. >

In this mid-August, "Laptop" magazine pointed out, ICONIA Tab A100 is light weight, 7 inches laptop screen, and the price is far more than HTC Flyer and BlackBerry's PlayBook. This machine has three advantages:

First, the compact design and Home button. A100's size and weight and Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC Flyer similar, but continued the 10-inch A500's aesthetic style. Compact design, Android's interface also has a cellular system software Home button, easy operation.

Secondly, ICONIA Tab A100 is the first machine which equipped with Android OS 3.2 cellular system, 7-inch Tablet PC, and have multiple sub-interfaces, such as digital reading, games area, such as multimedia and social networking, and application of these activities have been grouped.

In addition, A100 has rich software and the download is very convenient. In addition, feature allows Tablet PC content through DLNA and Acer laptops, desktops, wireless to achieve content sharing.

A100 microphone is small, but has great sound. When using headphones, you definitely want to use Dolby Mobile control panel, open, acoustic and bass sounds richer, more comprehensive, and easy to adjust treble and bass, whether it is jazz or rock, can be realistic shock.

This review article concluded that the price of $ 349, ultra-light design, the whole "hive" experience, combined with dual-core performance, make this machine unique. We can say that Acer ICONIA Tab A100 is the most valuable gold content of one tablet.

According to reports, this product will be listed in China. Although the U.S. market sales data not yet released, in view of higher U.S. media evaluation, we have reason to say this CONIA Tab A100 tablet is expected to be another 10-inch a hot product after ICONIA Tab A500.