Cheap Archos Tablet Pc

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Archos has launched home tablets, arcos 7 and Archos 8, with low prices that put them in the affordable range. Since, its price is low, so its obvious that there would be some compromises made i.e. shown in its show performance because of its cheap CPU but, completely depends on an individual who has to make a balance between price and performance on his own value system.

Archos 7 home tablet has a 7 n800*480 screen. Which runs android powered by 600MHz ARM.9-based rock chip 2808 CPU and also has a 128mb RAM. Its very much light that is 0.8lbs and thin i.e. 0.5. it has built in WI-FI and USB connection too which makes it appropriate for watching videos from you tube or from flash drive. And easily can also be used for web surfing.

The touch screen responds very well and quite huge keyboard makes the typing work easy to do. And the other features included in it are built-in stereo speaker which offers good sound quality, 2GB memory, and their most important feature is that it has 7 hrs battery backup for video playing and 44 hrs for playing music. It has an integrated desk stand that can help to use it as a digital photo frame.

Its important that the company should come up with at least one cool feature. According to Archos they have a unique tablet with largest screen on an Android-based tablet. Its true that other companies like HP, Dell, and Samsung are still working on making their tablet pc, but Archos might release its PC much faster than the other companies.